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Awards Criteria 

Grade Level Awards Assemblies for Trimester 1 and 2

Grade levels TK-6 will award students who have met the following criteria:

Perseverance Award    

  • Based on progress report
  • For students in grades TK-6 who have earned E’s and S’s in effort and growth

Academic Excellence in Math Award

  • 3’s and 4’s in math


Academic Excellence in Language Arts Award

  • 3’s and 4’s in reading and writing

Perfect Attendance Award

  • No absences
  • No tardies

Accelerated Reader Award

  • Students meet Accelerated Reader goal set by teacher with 75% average score.


  • Students complete 10 lessons in both ELA and Math.

Spotlight Awards (2)

  • Special recognition award (optional)

Citizenship (up to 6)

  • Categories may include: Trustworthy, Respectful, Responsible, Fair, Caring,  Overall Citizenship

Grade Level Awards Assemblies for Trimester 3

Grades TK-6 will award students who have met the above criteria and the following awards to students who have met the following criteria:

Principal’s Award for Excellence in Achievement

  • For students in grades 1-6
  •  Based on progress report
  •  Student received all 3’s and 4’s for all academic content standards with a  minimum of 50% of the total standards being 4’s
  •  Student received all E’s in Effort
  • Student received al S’s and E’s in Growth and Social Skills/Work Habits

Honor Roll

  • For Students in grades 1-6
  • Based on progress report
  • Student receiving Principal’s award does not also receive honor roll.
  • Student received all 3’s and 4’s for academic content standards.
  • Student received all S’s and E’s for all Growth, Effort, and School Behavior.

Xtra Math

 Students meet Xtra math grade level goals in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division 


  AR Principal's Challenge
Level 1      10 points       extra recess
Level 2      20 points        pencil
Level 3      35 points       movie
Level 4      50 points       prize
Level 5      75 points       Game day/WII party
Level 6     100 points      Pizza Party
Principal's Jumper Challenge
125 AR points
1,000,000 words read
40 Math and 40 ELA i-ready lessons completed and all trimester goals met
Kenmore Jedi House System
Red Jedi house           Orange Jedi House          Green Jedi House          Blue Jedi House
Escobar                         Huerta                                Barker                              Zarceno
Kozma                            Ortiz                                   Luu                                  Valdez
Swailes                          Jenkins                               Garcia                              Smith
Murphy                          Gonzalez                            Seely                                Berdeja
Lopez                            Casas                                 Rivera                               Perdices
  • Students will recieve positive tickets  and place them in their Jedi House colored bin.
  • On the day of our monthly spirit rally, we will follow a house day lunch schedule.
  • The Jedi house bin with the most tickets will enjoy a picnic lunch and the teachers of the winning house will enjoy lunch together.
  • From the Jedi house bin, a ticket will be drawn and the teacher who gave the ticket will recieve a bean bag chair for their class.