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All-Star Teams System






The goal of the Kenmore All-Star Teams System is to strengthen our implementation

of a supportive and engaging positive behavior environment.  Kenmore’s All-Star

Teams System will consist of five All-Star Teams combining classrooms from

grades TK-5 into each house.  Through the implementation of the Kenmore’s

All-Star Teams System, there will be constant encouragement for students to

do their best. The positive attitudes of students toward one another and

toward the school will continue to increase.


  • Students will keep their tickets and redeem them at the PBIS Store.
  • Tickets will be placed in Team Bins at the student store.
  • Each Team Bin will be displayed at the All-Star Spirit Rally before tickets are dropped into the drum in dramatic fashion! Teams will be encouraged to cheer!
  • One ticket will be drawn and the ticket’s corresponding team will earn the team reward.
  • Students will receive a 30-minute Game Time with music and extra equipment for fun.
  • A reward will also be given to the staff member who gave the winning ticket!

We are looking forward to another great school year

full of school spirit and positive attitudes!